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Sale! Samsung SV-5000W Worldwide VHS Format VCR

Samsung SV-5000W Worldwide VHS Format VCR

Product Description
Many countries have different TV broadcasting systems with no compatibility between them. This means a video tape recorded in one country may not be able to be viewed or duplicated in another country. Samsung's worldwide VIDEO SV-5000W overcomes this problem by digitally converting the signal format of any tape into the format you desire. Featuring Digital system conversion, Playback conversion, TV signal conversion, Conversion Timer recording, a World TV signal receiver and much more. Watching your favorite video, whether foreign or domestic, will be simple.

  • Worldwide NTSC, PAL, SECAM playback
  • 4-head Diamond video system with stereo sound
  • High-speed rewind and digital auto tracking
  • S-VHS playback capability
  • Luminescent universal remote control included

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Complete and utter garbage
I used this VCR for about a year before it developed the "snow" problem mentioned by so many other reviewers. None of the suggested fixes worked at all. I'm stuck with a very expensive doorstop.

Given the number of people who have reported this identical problem, I can only conclude that the SV-5000W is poorly engineered trash. I won't be buying any Samsung products in the future.

Good product. Is a good way to transfer foreign VHS to DVD.
I needed to transfer all my family PAL VHS tapes to DVD and this was a great solution to the problem. It was much cheaper to buy this product and do it my self than to pay a 3rd party to do it for me. I also bought a Sony DVDirect VRD-MC3 DVD Recorder and plugged the VCR into the Sony DVD recorder and it worked perfectly.

Still goin' strong!
I've had mine for a couple years now & it still works as good as the day I bought it! It'll play any VHS tape you throw at it!

Great Product
We love these VCR!!! After living in Europe for more than 7 years, we had a big collections of video tapes that our daughters wanted to watch and were impossible to do so. We are very happy the system works perfect!!! Good item for those who need a multisystem VCR like us.

Cheap crap (better than expensive crap, though)
There is a reason all the other converter VCRs cost over a grand.

We got our FIRST SV-5000W for two purposes: a) watch PAL tapes; b) convert NTSC home videos to PAL for relatives overseas.

Regarding purpose A, we were relatively satisfied. Overall, however, the picture quality (on non-converting playback) from this unit, at 300+ bucks, is lower than from our regular VCR, which is 8 years old, cost $80, and get this, wears the brand Admiral. But anyway, it works OK on the playback. Farewell, old salt...

b) It sucks making tapes, however. We were feeding NTSC Hi8 video into it straight from the camcorder, and the PAL recording quality was attrocious, as if it were only half-converting the signal.

So we took it to an authorized repair facility while still under warranty. No change. We sent it in to the Samsung facility in Jersey. When we got it back, it looked as if someone had literally taken a sledghammer to it. The box it came in was pristine, but the faceplate was smashed in. My theory--the repair tech figured it would be easier all around if we just got our money back. Which we did.

And then we had all these PAL tapes sitting around, so we bought another (albeit for $80 less than we'd first paid.) Same thing: playback was OK, recording unacceptable.

Recently, every tape we play is filled with electronic snow, and the warranty is over. Crap.

3/2009 update:

After writing the above review in '06, I found the solution to the snow problem among the other reviews here. Since then, it has functioned OK as an occasionally-used player. The Admiral, after 12 years of heavy use, finally gave up the ghost this winter, and moved on to its well-deserved rest. Farewell, old salt...

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